Aaahh!! Sunshine!


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It seems to me that one must have a certain mindset, in today’s age, in order to thrive. With technology changing at such a furious rate, with that same technology bringing all the news of the entire world to our fingertips, I can’t help but think that I must keep my mind open. I can get online and see artwork from Russia, Greece, South Africa. I can be friends on Facebook with other artists from all over the globe. My own way of viewing the world is certainly not the only way of seeing things. The news seems to be full of the actions of people that don’t have an elastic view of what should and should not be. It would be nice if more minds were open to differences, don’t you think?


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I went to my mother’s Knit Guild meeting earlier this month and was inspired by the speaker to try crocheting with beads. I just watched a u-tube video on crocheting corner to corner. Thanks, Tanglewood Knots for the link. Now I have to do that. I have other projects in my head that are fighting to get out in the real world. I still haven’t finished unpacking. I need to stay focused!


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