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I, also, love this fish:


Corinne maakt

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Funny fish

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Sep7_#365 day249 fish take two_crop

I’m just sharing this fish – detail from a larger piece done a few days ago.

I just love this fish. He makes me think of prehistoric times, I don’t know why. I love the grungy look, the dark patches.

It was a result from one of the assignments in the current year long class by Carla and Steve Sonheim in which they share one video every day for 365 days ( #365 – Activate your art brain. ) This technique that Carla shared this week, it rocks.


Meet and Greet

Hi, everyone. I thought we’d do something different today. This post is kind of interactive. Everyone is encouraged to post something in the comments section. Then, go exploring, see what other people are posting.
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