Alien Octopus

scan0086Those eyes!


Imaginary Creatures, Class 5

Day five of Carla Sonheim’s “Imaginary Creatures” online art class.

scan0051Textures, And, no, they are not exact.







scan0054Revisited the blob paintings. Added a few details.







scan0056Didn’t add a lot to this little guy. I didn’t feel like he needed much.










scan0057This one is sooo my favorite. I love they way it turned out!

Imaginary Creatures, Class 4

Day three of Carla Sonheim’s “Imaginary Creatures” online art class.

scan0045These are the “scribble with intention” drawings.










scan0046And more. I was drawing from the book “Diving in the Indian Ocean”, consultant Jack Jackson. It has some wonderful pictures.










scan0047This is coming along nicely. I especially like that red.










scan0048This one is my favorite.