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I bought a doggie door for the sliding glass door. The dogs are having trouble adjusting to using it. This is all the use Buddy is getting out of it. They had a doggie door in the old house. They all used it up until two months ago. How do I express my frustration? I blog it.



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Gruf was sleeping in a really cute position while I was doing some chores around the house. As soon as I grabbed the camera, however, he woke up and decided to go outside. I followed him and Spunky around for 20 minutes, trying to get a cute picture. This one of Spunky is the best I could get. Photographing animals can be a risky business. At least my boys are tame!


As I’m settling into my new home, I’m noticing more animals here then I ever did in my old house. One day I opened my sliding glass door to see a little frog looking at me. He was very cute. On my way home from work one evening, a bunny was hopping around the neighbor hood. And the V’s of migrating geese that I see during the day somehow have a relaxing impact on me. I even heard a coyote one evening! Followed by many dogs barking, of course. It may seem superficial to some, but I find that I feel closer to nature here. And that’s a good thing.


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It seems to me that one must have a certain mindset, in today’s age, in order to thrive. With technology changing at such a furious rate, with that same technology bringing all the news of the entire world to our fingertips, I can’t help but think that I must keep my mind open. I can get online and see artwork from Russia, Greece, South Africa. I can be friends on Facebook with other artists from all over the globe. My own way of viewing the world is certainly not the only way of seeing things. The news seems to be full of the actions of people that don’t have an elastic view of what should and should not be. It would be nice if more minds were open to differences, don’t you think?


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