Glitter Glue!

Just playing around with my glitter glues. Wanted to see what they do.



Not only does my uncle Gary take wonderful animal pics from his home in Montana, he makes wood platters, bowls and other turnings. The above is an 11-inch platter made from sycamore. Please note the thicknesses are thin (<1/4 inches).

This bowl is made of ambrosa maple.

This small bowl is mostly oak with one laminated layer, and this weed pot is made of various woods laminated.  Aren’t these all beautiful?


I used to have a little black cat that was full of moxie. When she was full grown, she weighed in at a whopping three pounds. I made the mistake of not getting her fixed when I could, and she did have a litter of kittens. But, you should have seen her, laying on the grass in the front yard, a ring of toms around her, hoping she’d pick one of them. She had them all wrapped around her little finger. She used to play fetch with the dogs. She’d run back and forth with them, they’d run right over the top of her, and she’d go rolling. She’d just jump back up and keep running with them. When she was 4 months old, I couldn’t find her one day. I was looking in the back yard when I heard a scrambling on the neighbor’s roof. I turn and look. There she was, running after their adult cat, trying to get it to play with her. She was afraid of nothing! She’s gone now and I sure do miss her.


Source: Moxie