Storm Clouds

Took this picture yesterday before the storm hit. Those clouds are amazing!



Today was the day I’ve been dreading. Moving from one state to another requires a new driver’s license. I haven’t taken the test since I was 15. That was more years ago than I’m willing to admit to. So, I found the driver’s manual online, and I read the whole thing. Yes, THE WHOLE THING! That was mind numbing.

I got up this morning and knew there was no way I could pass that test. Too many nit picky little rules. Well, I’d just go in and do my best. I got there and it was crowded. Naturally. When my number was called, I approached the window with dread in my heart. I tried to joke about how I’d probably fail the test. She looked up at me and said, “Oh, you don’t have to take a test with your driving record.”

Way to elevate my mood. 🙂


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I’m a little bit amazed at all the things I need to memorize now that I’m in a new home. It’s not just the address. I keep taking wrong turns in this neighborhood, and getting lost. There are a lot of really cute houses I’ve gotten to see, though. I’ve been working on unpacking the kitchen. I have more drawers then I did, which is good, but where did I put the spatula? And which closet has the paper towels? And what happened to that clock that Dad gave me? I’ll get it all, given enough time. Maybe by 2032.


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Yesterday, I was at work during the eclipse. I did get to run out to the parking lot and borrow some eclipse glasses to take a peek. While I was standing out there watching the birds roost on the roof I thought about my animals at home alone. The way I figure it, the dogs were saying, “It’s night time. Where’s Mommy?” and the cats were saying,  “It’s night time. Where’s dinner?”