Fashion Show

Mom and I went to a fashion show at a little studio in Longview, WA last Saturday. I really enjoyed it. There were crocheted shawls and dresses, felted jackets, and lots of jewelry. I didn’t take any pictures, I was too busy looking and drawing ideas in my scrap book. Here is the card for the shop. It’s on Facebook, too. Check them out. It’s worth the time.



Not only does my uncle Gary take wonderful animal pics from his home in Montana, he makes wood platters, bowls and other turnings. The above is an 11-inch platter made from sycamore. Please note the thicknesses are thin (<1/4 inches).

This bowl is made of ambrosa maple.

This small bowl is mostly oak with one laminated layer, and this weed pot is made of various woods laminated.  Aren’t these all beautiful?