I’ve been following Holly’s blog now for about a month or so. I really enjoy her style. She is very responsive to my questions and quick to explain things to me.

In this blog post: she posts a couple of drawings that she has made. She’s not in love with the second one, but she posts it anyway. I love that! She’s very honest about not liking it, and why. The next day, she posts:

Here, she posts the picture she didn’t like after she has continued to work on it. I really like that she didn’t just give up on it. She stuck with it, and got something she liked better. I think these are signs of an adult, and of someone that will do something with her art and her life.

Check out her work. It’ll be worth it!

ARHtistic License

I like that this greet and meet is for artists. Not exclusively, mind you.


Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet Welcome! I’m borrowing this blog sharing idea, which I’ve seen on several different sites. I’m especially interested in seeing new blogs devoted to the arts and the creative process, but everyone is invited to participate.

Meet and Greet

Here are the rules:

  1. Leave a link to your blog or or to a post and tell a little about yourself in the comments section below
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