Mom-Daughter Challenge #1

My mom and I decided to challenge each other. We both work better that way. She told me to come up with the first challenge. I decided that we should make something in a color that we don’t use much of, in a stitch that we don’t use much.

 I decided to work in the color mustard and use the Ndebele stitch, making a bracelet. Silly me didn’t look up directions for the Ndebele stitch and thought that I could build the bracelet from side to side. After making the length, I looked up directions to add the next row. I guess I should have started with a wider base and built it from the bottom up. Soooo, I ended up with a rather narrow bracelet for my first challenge.

When my mom posts her response to this challenge, I’ll let you know so that you can go to her blog and see what she came up with. Her blog is called “Focus on Fiber” for anyone who wants to  take a peek.

I would like to invite anyone else to participate in this challenge. If you want to also share what you’ve made, put your blog address in the comments to this post so that we can all see what you did. Have fun!


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