My mother introduced me to the work of Carla
Sonheim a few months ago. She paints, writes books, teaches classes, and blogs. I’m sure she does more that I haven’t discovered yet.
One of the things that she does that I like is what she calls Blob Thursday. She paints a, well, a blob on paper. She emails this to those on her list. Our assignment is to print the blob and draw, paint, or what ever to make it into a creation of our own. Then you post it on her Flikr site, Drawing Lab flickr group. If you are interested, either in seeing what people have done, or in joining in, I urge you to click onto her site.
I’ve included here the latest blob (#10) and what I did with it. My pirate alien seems to be a hit on my flickr site. I can’t seem to figure out how to put a link here. Still very new to flikr. But, my user name is Jandikk if you want to try and take a peek.


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