Sorry, I forgot to post this morning. Between switching to overnights and finding my lost cat, I didn’t even realize it was Saturday. The first pic is one I took of Grey about a year ago. The second is one I took of him yesterday morning, just hours after I found him while walking in the neighborhood Thursday evening. He’s seriously underweight, limping, filthy, and terrified. Poor baby! I weighed him this morning, 7 pounds. I can feel every bone in his body. He’s been eating, though not a lot. It’s water that he wants. That, and chicken from my dinner. 🙂 His nose and footpads are starting to heal up. He purred for me this morning. He’s lounging on the back of the couch right now. He’s finally relaxing and not being so scared. At first, he flinched every time I spoke or moved a hand near him. He’s not hissing at the dogs anymore either. He used to sleep curled up between them! But, he’s already showed signs of improvement. He is loved here and he’s starting to remember that.


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